Science Ambassadors Foundation is a community and an incorporated not-for-profit organization. We exist to make significant contribution to national development by raising a generation of Inventors, Innovators, Problem solvers and Nation builders. This we achieve by promoting engagement of youths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and by providing a fun atmosphere for the learning of STEM which makes young people see the daily application of STEM in solving problems as it applies in business required to solve issues in critical areas of life such as health, education, governance, agriculture, security, etc

At the core of all our operations is the engagement of young people in STEM related fields. We believe that this will increase the country’s innovative and creative capacity and stimulate economic growth. We work to inspire and motivate students, bringing them to a point where they no longer see STEM courses as boring, abstract or difficult. Our objective is to continue to create avenues where the practicality of STEM is taught with hands-on learning experience and excitement. Our learning models are such that would make STEM engaging, exciting and enriching. We constantly work with students, schools owners , parents as well as cooperate organizations, institutions of learning and research to achieve our objectives. We do not hope to do this in isolation. We aim to leverage on the gains of globalization by developing strong alliances with developed nations of the world. This we believe would promote a fluid exchange of ideas, innovation, strategy and intelligence. It would change the poor STEM narrative on the African continent and Position Africa on the global STEM map.