Competitive Advantage

Our unique and innovative approach to STEM would make our brand standout . Our strategy of building a strong STEM community that would promote synergy, exchange of ideas and provide support for members of the community would result in brand loyalty. Our strategic approach which involves the application of STEM to national development would keep us above other competitors.

Key Competitive Strength

  • Great knowledge and passion for the business
  • Strong and supportive community which would promote membership engagement
  • Practical and unconventional approach to STEM learning

Products and Services

We currently offer the following services and we believe we would further increase our scope as we grow. We believe that as we grow we would we would continually apply Kaizen (continuous improvement) to many of our products and services.We would employ a concentric diversification Strategy to increase our product offerings along the lines of our strength and expertise.
All our products would have a trademark of depth, innovation and fun as these are some of the unique elements the foundation brings to STEM learning in Nigeria.


Talk Shows and Workshops

Weekly radio shows to improve public enlightenment on STEM. Some of our events would also aim at improving the quality of STEM teachers. We believe one of the reasons for the disinterest in STEM is the way it is being taught. We would train and educate teachers on how to effectively teach STEM in a way that will arouse the interests of the students


Stem Club

The stem club is one of our membership support and engagement initiatives. It is such that would promote exchange of knowledge and expertise, a community of stem enthusiasts that would be able to create project teams and work on solid projects. It would involve young scientist bouncing ideas off themselves in a fun atmosphere which would enhance creativity and generate many eureka moments. We plan to extend this to primary and secondary schools. Students would be allowed to work on projects and see the practical applications of STEM. This will serve to increase awareness and raise the interest of young students in STEM.


A National Stem Competition

A competition for young Nigerians that revolves around STEM innovations. Winners are giving grants and opportunity to show case products on a global scale.


Stem Library

A library (virtual) that allows people to upload STEM related research results and powerpoint slides. This would make STEM research easier and save STEM researchers valuable time spent searching study materials on common topics in university libraries


Annual Stem Convention

We do not plan to develop STEM in Nigeria in Isolation. One of our projects that we believe will give STEM in Nigeria a quantum leap is our Annual Stem convention. We believe Nigeria has the ability to Host the largest STEM gathering in the world.We believe this form of international alliance would open up collaborations and partnerships that would make Nigeria the leading STEM hub in Africa.

Target Market



We aim to improve students’ understanding of STEM and arouse their interest in STEM. Our programs are such that can accommodate a wide range of students. Our schools campaign would involve primary schools and secondary school students to spur their interest in STEM. STEM clubs and STEM competitions would be held to arouse student interest in STEM. In our bid to raise a generation of innovators, inventors and nation builders our programs would be such that would help STEM learning fun. We would also work with university students who are currently bamboozled and discouraged with the Theories of STEM courses. We believe our approach to STEM would encourage them to see a career future in STEM. Our large network of Successful STEM experts would serve as role models and mentors to the students.


Lecturers and Teachers

Some of our events will include partnership and training of teachers and lecturers who Teach STEM courses. We are aware of the role teacher’s play in increasing student’s interest in STEM courses. We would therefore equip teachers with knowledge on how to transfer STEM knowledge in a way that will appeal to the student.



We believe Parents play a key role in some choices their children make. A number of parents do not see a career future for their children studying STEM courses. Many are oblivious of the importance of STEM courses play in nation building and how their children can leverage on various career opportunities in STEM. Our public enlightenment campaign would seek to reach parents in a way that will make them understand what STEM is all about and encourage their children to pursue careers in STEM.


Institutions of Research and Development

Our approach to STEM is such that would involve many National Research Institutes. Our Practical and Solution oriented approach to STEM would require a strong partnership with research institutes across many industries



We need partnerships with the government and government agencies, both for federal might as well as validation of our brand as a reputable organization. Such partnerships can help our other stakeholders in achieving m0re too. For example, partnership with our students powered by the government can create better international exchange program to expose them to basic STEM concepts, with a series of hands-on activity that can spark their interest in STEM. And finally, a hope to use those skills acquired and incentives that comes with it in the form of paycheck