Overview of The Foundation

Science Ambassadors Foundation is a community and an incorporated not-for-profit organization. We exist to make significant contribution to national development by raising a generation of Inventors, Innovators, Problem solvers and Nation builders. This we achieve by promoting engagement of youths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and by providing a fun atmosphere for the learning of STEM which makes young people see the daily application of STEM in solving problems as it applies in business required to solve issues in critical areas of life such as health, education, governance, agriculture, security, etc

At the core of all our operations is the engagement of young people in STEM related fields. We believe that this will increase the country’s innovative and creative capacity and stimulate economic growth. We work to inspire and motivate students, bringing them to a point where they no longer see STEM courses as boring, abstract or difficult. Our objective is to continue to create avenues where the practicality of STEM is taught with hands-on learning experience and excitement. Our learning models are such that would make STEM engaging, exciting and enriching. We constantly work with students, schools owners , parents as well as cooperate organizations, institutions of learning and research to achieve our objectives.

We do not hope to do this in isolation. We aim to leverage on the gains of globalization by developing strong alliances with developed nations of the world. This we believe would promote a fluid exchange of ideas, innovation, strategy and intelligence. It would change the poor STEM narrative on the African continent and Position Africa on the global STEM map.

Executive Summary

We have found out that creative juices flow best in an atmosphere where learning is fun and enjoyed. We are changing the perspective of the young generation who see STEM learning as “sleep-inducing” or very difficult. We make STEM learning fun by our dynamic and practical approach to stem education. We take STEM beyond technical jargon and present them in a way that leaves our student desiring to know more. We have found the locus where learning meets fun without distractions and our goal is to bring our clients to this point.

All we engage in is aimed at improving human life and businesses. We don’t just deal in writing formulas, quoting theories and equations. We are poised to apply the intricacies of STEM education  to improving the quality  of our community and human life. We do not believe learning is complete until it solves a problem. Our model of learning is solution–oriented. We believe our approach to stem learning will lead to inventions that would have immense impact in sectors like Health, Agriculture, Security, Transport, etc. and in turn have immense impact on the economic growth of the country and continent.

Keys To Success


Expertise: Our community comprises a strong network of influencers, enthusiasts and thought leaders in STEM learning in the country. Many of these community members have international experience and recognitions in STEM courses and projects.  Their wealth of experience in STEM education and love for young people is what keeps them committed to helping young people enjoy and see the diverse application of STEM to national development.


Support and Engagement: Our structure is such that provides a solid support for young people interested in learning STEM. We provide opportunities and avenues for fluid exchange of ideas and innovations. We also have a strong follow up culture that enables us follow up on projects and research being carried out by members of our community. Members of the community enjoy free access to scientific publications, Training on latest STEM trends, Research results and various national and international Grants. Our support structure also involves platform to showcase STEM innovations thus increasing exposure to partnership and even financial aids.


Synergy: Members of the community with similar interests synergize and work together to get faster and better results. We believe none of us is as smart as all of us. Synergy of ideas, innovations and resources makes members of our community unstoppable in their pursuit to apply STEM in solving human problems. We believe the coming together of great minds in the community would provide a spark of creativity that would have an indelible mark on STEM development in the country. Our plan for synergy is not limited to a national scale as we would annually host the largest STEM gathering in the world. We would bring STEM enthusiasts from every part of the world. We believe this level of synergy would place Nigeria on the global stem Map and increase stem investments in the country.


Recognition: We know one of the ways great work is reinforced and promoted is by rewards. We would host events aimed at appreciating and encouraging outstanding individuals, organizations and teams. We would celebrate people who have contributed immensely to stem development in the nation. We also recognize young people who are doing well in STEM learning and application.


Integrity: This is the bedrock on which all we do lies. It is our guiding principle by which all decisions will be made. Every member of the community would be given a level playground without any form of favoritism.