Summary of the Foundation


The management philosophy of Science Ambassador Foundation is based on each person taking ownership of the vision. Also, professionalism and respect for each of our volunteers, for our external and internal partners, and for every member of our community. Our success is largely dependent on our ability to increase youth engagement in STEM.

The management currently consists of a Board Of Trustees comprising  Prof. O.B. Familoni, Nnabugwu Chinyere Peace and Evangelist Joshua Owolabi. 

The foundation would also have patrons/matrons, adviser/partners associates, volunteers, sponsors whose activities would be guided and directed by the board of trustees. We would ensure that every of our Advisers, volunteers, partners , associates or even employees are people who understand the vision of the foundation and are ready to give themselves selflessly to the advancement of STEM in Nigeria.

The Need Being Served

STEM courses play a huge role in national development. For Nigeria to enjoy the benefits of a solid STEM educational structure there needs to be increased STEM engagement among young people. With the present orientation of a large number of the populace towards STEM and the current model of STEM learning in the country, young people rarely desire to study STEM   courses. Even those who seem to be studying STEM courses in higher institutions of learning are either disinterested or demotivated. This often occurs as a result of the students seeing no career future in the course and the extremely theoretical way by which STEM Knowledge is being shared.

Science Ambassadors Foundation will meet the need for increasing STEM engagement among young people by making STEM learning fun. We would change the theoretical method by which STEM knowledge is being shared. We would present stem knowledge in a way that would arouse the interest of the students in learning by showing them the practicability of STEM knowledge in solving issues of national concern.

This business plan will include strategic information necessary for the establishment and operation of Science Ambassadors Foundation. The document will outline the tactics for growth, methods, procedures for operations and infrastructure management.

Operational Strategy

Operation strategy in any business organization is essentially about how the organization seeks to subsist and flourish within its environment over the long-term. The decisions and actions taken within its operations have a direct impact on the basis for which the organization is able to do this. The way in which an organization secures, deploys and utilizes resources will determine the extent to which it can successfully pursue specific performance objectives.Our Operational Strategy brings together a total pattern of decisions which will help achieve our core purpose. Excellence would be our appropriate performance objective. Our Operations is built on excellence, and also, Science Ambassadors Foundation is very brand and structure focused. The long term goal is for the division to run itself and develop a huge global reputation. This will be guided by the development of standard operating procedures per touch points of the operating, guided by Job descriptions and tasks per job descriptions.

Business Description

Science Ambassadors is an incorporated not for profit organization located at Room 131, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, University of Lagos, Akoka-Yaba. Science Ambassadors is an incorporated not for profit organization. We exist to make significant contribution to national development by raising a generation of Inventors, Innovators, Problem solvers and Nation builders. This, we would achieve by promoting engagement of youths in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and by providing a fun atmosphere for the learning of STEM which would make young people see the daily application of STEM to solve problems in critical areas of life such as health, agriculture, security etc.


The following are the major areas that are in need of development:

  • Social media presence and engagement
  • Team building and bonding
  • Publicity and advertisement
  • Event planning and organization.
  • Funding and sponsorship structure.