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Train a Science Teacher

Science teachers needs constant retraining considering the dynamic transformation the world undergoes constantly. With your help, SAF will avail training opportunities to teaching members who are helping students learn how to think critically and solve problems enabling them to develop their professional practice to improve students’ learning.

Equip a School Lab

 Scholars stress the importance of hands-on learning and its impact in sparking interest in our young ones to be engaged in the fast-growing STEM fields. With your support students can get the required equipment to enable them learn STEM Experimentally

In-Kind Donation
In-Kind donations range from product support, to gifting of fairly used/close to new items such as books, furniture etc. Gifts could be used to equip our library, office or sold via our charity shop to raise funds
Adopt a School

SAF opines that STEM education should stimulate students’ curiosity and create excitement about learning sciences as well as equip them to become successful innovators and inventors.We need you to achieve this by adopting a school today, give today.

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